4 Disadvantages of Wooden European Mount Plaques

Wanting to show off your trophy from the latest hunting season? Thinking of using a boring old piece of wood? While we are certainly biased, we think it is clear that european mounts on wooden plaques pose some disadvantages. We go more in depth below. Note that the Skull Hooker rectifies all of these disadvantages. 


Wooden European skull mount plaque tends to occupy more space than the dynamic skull hooker mount system. The case is especially true if you tend to display more than one skull mount – say – a row of trophies on a single wall, or even in a single room.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that the wooden European skull mounts have a large surface area. Unless you have ample space in your living room or perhaps you’re living in a museum, you may have to do a little bit of furniture rearrangement at your home or office to make room for this lovely display. The Skull Hooker solves this issue, by having (in most cases) a 1/3 smaller wall foot print (surface area) than the common wooden plaque.

Not adjustable

To their credit, wooden european mount plaques are fairly sturdy. This may be an advantage to a certain degree but also a limitation as far as adjusting its angle is concerned. The wooden European mount plaque can’t be positioned up or down nor left or right. The mount is fixed to the wall thus eliminates the possibility of displaying the best angle of each antler or horn set.

Onlookers may have to inspect your trophy closely to get a glimpse of finer details. Forget about moving the skull display at a certain angle. Sturdy? Sure. Flexible, heck no. With the Skull Hooker, you can move the bracket in all 4 directions, to accomodate the animals impressive traits. Before the Skull Hooker, the only way to turn the animal in an ideal fashion, was to pay for a shoulder mount (IE, drop hundreds of bucks [not the animal!]).  In short – with the Skull Hooker products – you get the most flexible european mount, ever created.

Flexibility of animals and species 

Something we hear all the time from our customers, is how adaptable and flexible our mounts are. With a wooden european mount plaque, you are “married” to that specific animal, on that specific mounting plaque forever. With our Skull Hooker, you can take off the older european mount, and replace with a newer one. That way, you can place the euro mount of your choice, literally wherever you’d like. Once you try your first Skull Hooker, you will not be disappointed, as it’ll be able to be used, literally forever.

Distracting from the mount

Nothing takes away more from your european mount like a big chunk of wood behind it. Wood is for fires, not for mounting skulls and antlers.  Leonardo da Vinci had it right when he said -“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Less is more, hat tip to Mr. da Vinci. With a Skull Hooker, your mount is “the main event”, and is the most visually demanding piece of the puzzle (and deservedly so).

Another thing – how does that wood look, once it has seen sun through a window? Yellowing varnish, and warped plaques are not only unsightly, they are unfixable. That is the reason the Skull Hooker is the answer for your european mount. It gives you everything you need, and nothing you don’t.