European Elk Mount: How To Make a European Elk Mount

European Elk Mount | How to Create European Elk Mount 

European mount have increased in popularity in taxidermy, mainly because it is a beautiful way for hunters to preserve a memory of a good hunt, for little to zero cost on their part.  If you so desire, creating european elk mount can be hired out – pretty much any taxidermist worth their salt could do it for you. However, creating your own european elk mount can be very rewarding. Read on to learn how incredibly easy it is to create European elk mounts with the use of right process and tools.

Cleaning the skull

Before you start the process, wear rubber gloves to avoid contact with any microorganisms.  Carefully separate the skull from the animal hide.  Cut through the hide around neck at the base of the head to work on the Elk skull. Tools that help make this process easier, include needle nose pliers, a wire clothes hanger, a knife, and a razor blade. Carefully skin and remove as much of the hide, fat and tissue as you can. Use the wire hanger to stick into the nasal cavity and push out any of the hard to reach tissue.

Submerge the Elk head with the antlers in a metal pot full of water then place the pot on the cooker to bring the water to a steady, gentle boil for a good 2-hour period.  Do this outdoors. After 2 hours, take the skull out, and remove any of the tissue and meat that has loosen during the boil Place the Elk head back in the pot then bring it to a steady boil. Finally, remove the head from the pot and clean away any remaining flesh. It is not uncommon to have to boil the skull another time or two.

Check the skull frequently to check if boiling became rigorous. Lower heat if possible to prevent damage.

Final step in cleaning the skull

Following the cleaning process is when skulls may be covered in peroxide or left their natural color.  Bleaching the skulls is an option, but not recommended as it is hard on the bones.

Use 40% solution of peroxide. Paint the peroxide solution on with a basting brush and then set out in the sun to dry for a day. After one day, again paint on the peroxide (careful not to touch the antlers! It will bleach them) and set out to dry again. Your european elk mount is finally done!

Preserving the skull

Now that the boiling and cleaning process are done, preserve the dry Elk skull by hanging on your Skull Hooker. This is the most important step, if you’d like to display your trophy in a way that is both beautiful, and flexible to any location.

Preserving the teeth

The enamel layer of the Elk teeth is likely to crack when subjected to rapid temperature changes, such as placing a hot skull in very cold water.  If your work of art suffers from cracked teeth, fill the cracks with clear, drying glue.  Teeth that happened to fall out or become loosened in this delicate process, glue them back with clear drying glue.  Glue the teeth back on a dry Elf skull.

Take matters into your own hands when it comes to creating European mount for Elk head.  While it may take more time and effort but eventually will pay off once you can proudly show off your European mount masterpiece, for many years, and at just a fraction of the cost of a shoulder mount.