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Innovative & Elegant

Skull Hooker® is the world's first professionally crafted and fully adjustable European skull mounting bracket.

What Is Skull Hooker®?

Skull Hooker® naturally showcases your trophy game animal in the most stylish and realistic way. This dynamic mount system is not only incredibly sturdy, but also quick and easy to install. The original Skull Hooker® euro skull hanger brackets are available in two different sizes and colors to accommodate a variety of species’ horns or antlers. Today, the product line has expanded into table and floor displays for both European and Skull Capped trophies.

The wall-mounting bracket eliminates the need to drill holes into your trophy’s skull, because the hook is carefully engineered and precisely designed to caress the native holes and crevices in the back of all animal skulls.

The European skull hanger can be positioned up/down and left/right to display the best qualities of each antler or horn set that you own. The Skull Hooker® euro skull brackets are available in two different sizes (Big Hooker® or Little Hooker®) and colors to accommodate a variety of species’ horns or antlers and more importantly provides a natural upright look The Skull Hooker® arm can safely swivel both right and left, which helps your trophy mount cover all angles and areas of a room.

The Skull Hooker® product line was developed by Rob Shaw of Klamath Falls, Oregon. Born and raised in Klamath Falls, Rob then attended the University of Arizona and subsequently lived in Colorado for a number of years before returning to his home state of Oregon. Hard core hunting is his passion,  and he has been fortunate to take some trophy animals over the years. Rob explains that he always had an interest in the European style mount, but never liked how they were displayed. The available options at the time were the bulky wood plaque or worse yet, hanging your trophy flat off the wall. After unsuccessfully attempting to tie back some of his Euro’d out mulies and bull elk to the wall for a more natural and upright look, Rob took action to develop the patented Skull Hooker® system that would become the customizable, streamlined, and attractively finished Skull Hooker® Brackets. Thus, “the original” Skull Hooker European Skull mounting bracket was born. This new and innovative hanging option has changed the minds of many hunters ever since.

Skull Hooker®, headquartered in Klamath Falls, Oregon, was first established in 2009. Skull Hooker® prides itself on providing the best possible product and first class service to our hunting community. We work hard to help show case your memories in the best possible way. We welcome all feedback, product requests/suggestions and as always, those trophy pictures from you! The team here at Skull Hooker® thanks you for your business and continued support. Good hunting, shoot straight and best of luck with your upcoming hunts.

Rob Shaw, CEO

Why Skull Hooker®?


Skull Hooker® is easy to install. Our mounts require minimum set up and take minutes to mount. No more destroying your walls!


The Hooker brackets and arms adjust to maximize your trophy’s appearance and come in multiple sizes to fit a variety of species.


Skull Hooker® is an affordable alternative to professional mounting. You won’t find this quality for this cost anywhere else.

Featured Products

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  • Little Hooker®

    The Little Hooker® is a sleek and streamline approach to hanging small to mid-sized European trophies. The Little Hooker® is completely customizable both up and down and left and right...
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“I have been looking for a good way to display skull mounts for years and I finally found a great product!
I’m going to need a bigger trophy room pretty soon!”
Eva Shockey
Eva Shockey
author, tv personality, acclaimed bow hunter
“You have outdone yourself creating such a nice and easy way to show off all my European skull mounts. I wish I had thought of this. This is a no-brainer.”
Will Primos
Will Primos
Founder, Primos Hunting
“Rearranging your trophy room is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Skullhooker is a great product. Real easy to use. So you don’t have to destroy your house hanging up your heads anymore.”
Guy Eastman
Guy Eastman
Eastmans Hunting Magazines and Television