6 Undeniable Benefits of a European Mount

Here at Skull Hooker – we are a little biased. Sure, shoulder mounts are cool. And yes, we all dream of having a monster “man cave” that has a full body mount of our trophy of a lifetime – but in most cases – funds are tight, and space is limited. But, all is not lost. Creating a European Mount and using a Skull Hooker, keeps money in the bank – and saves all space to boot. Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits of a european mount…

1 – Space.

The lack of hide, neck and other parts of the animal, gives the european mount a massive advantage in the “space saving” category. Sticking a nice looking european mount in a corner, or next to a window is a very feasible option that isn’t available often times for shoulder mounted animals.

2 – Cost

This one is a biggie. As we have discussed in previous blog posts – not only is the european mount a snazzy way to show off your animal – it is also super easy on the wallet. A penny saved is a penny earned, and you can have a dozen (or more) european mounts for the cost of a single shoulder mount, in most instances.

3 – Quickness 

Perhaps my favorite thing about the european mounts (and the Skull Hooker), is that fact that I can have one done in a day or two at the most. Life is too short to wait on a taxidermist, and doing your own european mount and mounting it with a Skull Hooker, will surely be the quickest way you can enjoy a fine looking animal, in a beautiful way.

4 – Flexibility

Flexibility is great to have – no matter the situation. Using the Skull Hooker, you no longer need to be look at the same mount at the same angle for the rest of your life. Think about that. You can literally change not only what hangs on your Skull Hooker, you can change the species at any time. They say variety is the spice of life – and utilizing a Skull Hooker will ensure you are able to hang whatever european mount you’d like (depending on size of Skull Hooker, mind you), literally any time you want to.

5 – Ruggedness

I got my first “nice” whitetail buck mounted. 6 years later, our family moved. In the move, my mount sat loose in the bed of a truck while headed to our new home. A now have a nice, expensive, shoulder-mounted buck with a good sized scrape on his cape. It looks like garbage. I still have the memories from that incredibly November evening – but if I would have used a Skull Hooker (with european mount), no doubt in my mind that, my mount would look just as good as the day I created it. Don’t under estimate the ruggedness of a nice European mount.

6 – Longevity 

We have all seen older mounts in restaurants our older folks homes. Of course they “tell a story”, and are near memorable pieces of history – but the faded colors and UV deterioration is not something that is appealing, on any level. An ancient european mount will hold its color better, and not look near as “experienced” after a decade passes. Want something that looks great in 15 years? European mounts are the way to go. And if you are going to create a european mount, you might as well use a Skull Hooker. 🙂