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What folks are saying about us

``I love Skull Hooker products. I am an avid hunter and I use Skull Hooker products all around my house. Whether it's a little buck or a big bull that I harvest in the fall, I know I am going to use Skull Hooker for my trophy animal. I have 7 european mounted animals that I have harvested over the years and all of the are on a Skull Hooker. I also harvested a bull elk this fall that will be on a Skull Hooker. I like Skull Hookers because it makes the animal look classy and sleek on my wall. They are also easy to use and have the awesome angle adjustment. Overall, I love the Skull Hooker products and plan to use them in the future. Thanks for making such great products!``

I use Skull Hooker for all my personal and customer European mounts. They are an attractive and efficient way to display your trophy mounts.


``I’d have to say I am impressed by the quality of the big hooker. I just installed one above my front door and was concerned about movement when the door was slammed closed. Doesn’t budge a bit! Great quality, looks amazing, and I’ll be buying a couple more for some mule deer mounts.``

``I love the Table Hooker. It is perfect for displaying my mule deer European mount. The base and arm pieces don't fit tight together, so it was a little shaky. I put a tiny piece of paper between the metal and now it's tight and sturdy. Have received several compliments on how it looks.``

``Not only are their products high quality, adjustable, and extremely affordable, but their customer service is some of the best in all of the hunting industry! Been a long time fan of Skull Hookers and will continue to use them for years to come!``

``Bought the little hooker for my muley and it looks awesome. So happy with this product. this is an amazing product. Adjusts up down left and right do display your trophy however you want.``

The Skull Hooker may very well be the single best way to display your European mount. Gone are the days of clunky wood and staining boards, just to rest a skull on it. Using two pieces of steel and a couple of screws, this device is the easiest and most unique way to mount any European skull – and by any, we mean any!


``Great product, built like a tank and super easy to mount! Looks great in black with my Bull Elk on it.``

``Awesome product. Love that you can turn the heads side to side. Only way to put a European mount on the wall in my opinion.``

``Love them great product! Easy to assemble and mount. Let you really show off you harvest!``

``Skull Hooker products are the best way to show your trophies period!``

Best way I have found to show off my European mounts. Thanks for making a great product Skull Hooker!


``Absolutely the best! I own two of them and would highly recommend the skull hooker!``

``Both the Bone Hooker and Skull Hooker are exactly what I needed. Super fast shipping. Will be ordering more soon.``

``I bought the XL bone bracket and I absolutely love it makes my bull look nice!``

``Awesome product. I love how it picks the European mounts off the wall. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to display their trophy.``

Great innovation for mounting trophies!