General Information

General Information

Why Skull Hooker?

The Skull Hooker product line was developed by Rob Shaw of Klamath Falls, Oregon. Born and raised in Klamath Falls, Rob then attended the University of Arizona and subsequently lived in Colorado for a number of years before returning to his home state of Oregon. Hard core hunting is his passion and has been fortunate to take some trophy animals over the years. Rob explains that he always had an interest in the European style mount, but never liked how they were displayed. The available options at the time were the bulky wood plaque or worse yet, hanging your trophy flat off the wall. After unsuccessfully attempting to tie back some of his Euro’d out mulies and bull elk to the wall for a more natural and upright look, Rob took action to develop the patent pending prong that would eventually be tied to the customizable, streamline and attractively finished Skull Hooker Brackets. Thus, “the original” Skull Hooker European Skull mounting bracket was born. This new and innovative hanging option has changed the minds of many hunters ever since.

The Skull Hooker team attends various trade shows every year. Please contact us directly for further information on our current trade show schedule. Also, be sure to follow our online blog for the latest news and updates.

We stand behind the Skull Hookers! As always, if you have any issue with our products, please contact us directly as we have a 100% return policy within 30 days. Just make sure the product and packaging are in good shape! We want to thank you for your business and be sure to look out for our new products!