FAQ’s & Installation

Little Hooker FAQ’s & installation instructions: Easy as One, Two, Three!


Locate stud and/or location and align wall plate so that the screws are mounted vertically into the wall. Note: it is important that the wall plate’s screw holes are mounted vertically (not mounted at an angle). Screws mounted in studs are always recommended or utilize supplied dry wall anchors.


Insert supplied lock washer between prong and arm screw holes. Insert and lightly tighten supplied screw and lock nut. Note: welded side of prong should face down or away from wall plaque. Do not fully tighten. Insert prong of arm into back of skull. The middle arm is inserted into the larger hole and side arms rest within the small depressions on each side of the larger hole.


Support skull and arm while inserting the arm into the canister on the wall plaque. Determine proper up/down angle of your trophy and then fully tighten screw and lock nut.

Your done! The arm will swivel to each side customizing the look of your trophy while you can also customize the angle(upright look or laid back look) of your skull to maximize the size of your trophy’s rack while giving it a natural look.


For safety, always ensure the prong is properly secured into the skull and the lock nut is fully tightened before allowing the skull to hang on its own. For safety and to ensure proper fit, location of skull must not be cut or damaged.

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 11.08.54 AM

Recommended tools (not included):
Phillips screwdriver
3/8 inch wrench

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