How to European Mount an Antelope | Antelope European Mount Info

Antelope European mounts when done tastefully can preserve your trophy in a low cost and classy way. Like other deer-like animals – the process is relatively simple and straight forward. A few basic european mounting tactics will render you a low cost, beautiful mount that will last you a lifetime. See the antelope european mount steps below…

1.  After harvest

If you happen to freeze the antelope head, take it out and put the head down inside a 5-gallon bucket to thaw for a day or two. Be careful to not let the sun and/or heat get close to the head, as it will spoil the meat, and make the process much less enjoyable. Keeping the head in a garbage bag, inside a cooler with ice is best.

2.  Tissues and skin removal

You’ll need a razor blade for this, and a sharp knife. Start out by skinning as much of the hide/meat/tissue off of the animal, as possible. This is the toughest part of the project. It may smell – but trust me, the final product will be worth it! After you have the head all skinned out (may take a while depending on level of experience), you will move to the boiling stage.

When boiling a head for the antelope european mount, a fish fryer or other big potted device that you can boil water in, is ideal. Depending on the amount of meat left on the skull, the skulls should be left in the boiling water for around 2 hours. Only submerge the skull – we don’t want the horns in the boiling water. Pull out the skinned head every 45 minutes, to check for doneness. Every time you pull the head out, clean off with the razor blade and a small stick type device (a hanger is perfect) to push out the meat in any of the hard to reach areas.

Rubber, protective gloves are always a good idea, but not necessary. Be careful not to burn yourself!

3.  Cleaning the skull

The final step in creating a european antelope mount, is “painting” the skull with a 40% peroxide solution. This will give the skull a nice white finish, while not damaging any of the bone or teeth.

Using a brush, cover the skull (no horns!) with the peroxide solution, and set out in the sun to dry. Do this up to 4 times, but one time will do – it is up to you.

4. Final Step

Experiment with the different position and angles when hanging your european antelope mount with a Skull Hooker. Since the Skull Hooker is so user friendly, and extrmely adaptable, you will be able to hang the european antelope mount at literally any angle or configuration you desire. Something else to note – you don’t necessarily need one Skull Hooker per european mount. Since the Skull Hooker is not invasive on the skull at all, you can remove, and swap out your different european mounts be it a deer, antelope, or other similar type species.