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4 Disadvantages of Wooden European Mount Plaques

Wanting to show off your trophy from the latest hunting season? Thinking of using a boring old piece of wood? While we are certainly biased, we think it is clear that european mounts on wooden plaques pose some disadvantages. We go more in depth below. Note that the Skull Hooker rectifies all of these disadvantages. 

Preserving your hunting heritage

  Hello and greetings from our new web site!  My name is Rob Shaw and I am the owner and creator of the Skull Hooker product line. I am married to a wonderful woman and have 3 beautiful girls. Like many of you, I am a hardcore hunter that relishes all that hunting has to offer.  Truth be told, this is my very first blog. I have to say, I had outlined some great topics and ideas we want to share .

2012 Cool Gear Bowsite

European mounts have gained in popularity over the past several years.  For sure they are economical, but also a nice complement to a room full of shoulder mounts. The downside, for some, is the presentation of the head. Hanging a European mount with a simple nail protrudes the horns and antlers into a downward or fighting position. A traditional option is the wood plaque which dominates the skull in a fixed position that requires .