How to European Mount an Antelope | Antelope European Mount Info

Antelope European mounts when done tastefully can preserve your trophy in a low cost and classy way. Like other deer-like animals – the process is relatively simple and straight forward. A few basic european mounting tactics will render you a low cost, beautiful mount that will last you a lifetime. See the antelope european mount steps below…

European Elk Mount: How To Make a European Elk Mount

European Elk Mount | How to Create European Elk Mount  European mount have increased in popularity in taxidermy, mainly because it is a beautiful way for hunters to preserve a memory of a good hunt, for little to zero cost on their part.  If you so desire, creating european elk mount can be hired out – pretty much any taxidermist worth their salt could do it for you. However, creating your own european elk .

4 Disadvantages of Wooden European Mount Plaques

Wanting to show off your trophy from the latest hunting season? Thinking of using a boring old piece of wood? While we are certainly biased, we think it is clear that european mounts on wooden plaques pose some disadvantages. We go more in depth below. Note that the Skull Hooker rectifies all of these disadvantages.